Spanish at CFMC

Hola! I am Ms. Kaitlin, mother to Adi (purple primary) and Ethan (purple toddler). I wanted to introduce myself as the new Spanish teacher at CFMC and tell you all about the newly expanded language program. The program this year allows students more opportunities to hear, sing, work and play in Spanish. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to increase their global awareness and cultural understanding, as well as to use their natural capacity for language learning. Since working in the primary classrooms, I have already overheard several students discover that Spanish is not only songs on the carpet, but actually a language we can speak while playing and working!

Parent Talk

New Children First, A Montessori Community

Parent Education:  Words that empower, Words that wound.

Montessori is only one component in the child’s life.  A child’s home environment and parents’ love are most critical factors in his development.  Unfortunately, our children are not born with an owner’s manual.  Parents generally rely on the wisdom of grandparents, doctors, and educators, as well as their own instincts to determine the right parenting style for their family.  With Parent Talk our staff and faculty help parents create positive communic