New Children First, A Montessori Community

Parent Education:  Words that empower, Words that wound.

Montessori is only one component in the child’s life.  A child’s home environment and parents’ love are most critical factors in his development.  Unfortunately, our children are not born with an owner’s manual.  Parents generally rely on the wisdom of grandparents, doctors, and educators, as well as their own instincts to determine the right parenting style for their family.  With Parent Talk our staff and faculty help parents create positive communication throughout all stages of development. 

Using Parent Talk skills you will give your children opportunities to practice responsibility and learn from their experiences.  You will end power struggles, reduce conflict, and build mutual respect into your family structure.  You will increase your communication skills and add fun and adventure to the important challenge of parenting, most importantly your family will become closer and more loving.

What is Parent Talk?

Parent Talk like Montessori education, is a way to talk to your children in language that builds self-esteem and encourages responsibility.  A parenting style that is based on respect for the child’s feelings, choices within acceptable limits, encouragement, conflict resolution, and natural and logical consequences for behavior.

The phrases and supporting rationale contained in Parent Talk are designed to help you take an in-depth look at how you talk to your children.  Parent Talk is based on a series of books by Chick Moorman.

Parent Talk classes are offered throughout the year at CFMC and address a variety of stages of childhood development.  By intentionally selecting words and phrases that build self-esteem and encourage Self-responsibility, you can empower your children and enhance their effectiveness as capable, caring human beings.


Pat Andrew

All Parent Talk workshops are lead by Ms. Pat. She is an early childhood educator, AMS certified infant/toddler, certified Parent Talk facilitator. Ms. Pat is a mother and grandmother with a passion for the Child and the parent.

Pat is also available to CFMC families with strategies for positive communication throughout all stages of development.