New Children First, A Montessori Community is truly that – a community built around the fundamental teachings of the Montessori method of education that encourages the core values of respect, independence and responsibility.

In this stimulating and nurturing educational experience, children interact in multi-age group classrooms so that their individual love of learning is fostered and their desire to join in a community is met.

About Montessori

The Montessori method of education recognizes that, in the first six years of life, a child’s foundation for learning that will span their entire life is critical.

Taking advantage of this open window, the Montessori environment meaningfully incorporates the real world into the classroom -- with fragile items and purposeful tasks that meet children right where they are at in their natural and growing aptitude for learning.

Learn more about the Montessori method, our carefully prepared programs that target each developmental learning stage and our core curriculum tenets.


Relationships are a priority in our classrooms, and our teachers respect each child and work with parents to help guide him or her. Children are treated with absolute respect so needed intervention always displays value for the child’s self esteem.

We use “Positive Discipline” with the children, on the playground and in the classroom, so they learn why an action is not allowed and understand the safety issues. Most importantly, they learn respect and responsibility for one another.


The entire staff at New Children First is specially trained in the Montessori method. The school’s director, aftercare program manager and lead teachers are Montessori certified by the American Montessori Society, NAMC, or are completing their certification.

Above all, our teachers value education and their time spent with the children. Most have an undergraduate degree and are experienced educators, and they are drawn to working with preschool children because they feel this is where they can make a positive impact on a child’s life.

To foster the school’s community, the teachers work together as a team and have monthly meetings to further their training, motivate one another and discuss the progress of the students.

Community & Campus

Families are welcomed at New CFMC, and are encouraged to be actively involved with the school experience in whatever way they might enjoy. 

We encourage parents to view their child in the classroom uninterrupted at anytime, through visits in the infant room and by using  observation windows for cruisers, toddlers and primary children.

Throughout the year, we bring children, their families and teachers together for picnics, fundraisers, children-led programs and other events that build our sense of community.  We also encourage parents to make appointments with their child’s teachers, whether during specific parent-teacher conference times twice a year or on a daily basis as needed.  Our teachers are accessible and we encourage direct communication with them.

Even with our community being small and close-knit, we strive to make our campus a safe haven. Each family has an individual pass code that allows them entrance into the school at anytime. We appreciate that our families entrust their children to us, so no visitors are allowed unescorted on our campus. All perimeter doors have video surveillance and no child is ever released to a person without specified permission.