First through Fourth Grade

The Elementary classroom focuses on critical thinking, problem solving, and cooperative learning skills through individual and small group instruction with hands-on learning experiences. Lessons are often presented in the form of stories in order to engage the imagination. The classroom is equipped with a wealth of color-coded, didactic materials that entice the students to explore. The materials are self-correcting in order to promote success and independence. Free choice is an integral part of this experience; however, students are expected to complete specific assigned tasks.

The Elementary child is in the age of the Mathematical Mind. This stage is focused on the construction of the social self. He/she is concerned primarily with the acquisition of culture, has a highly active imagination, is devoted to morality, and has the ability to grasp abstract concepts. Dr. Montessori likened the mind at this age to a “fertile field” where the seeds of knowledge will “germinate” into culture.

The Montessori program assures students a solid academic foundation through an integrated curriculum that includes history, geography, mathematics, natural & physical science, geometry, biology, language, literature, arts and music and so much more. Montessori Elementary students develop into resourceful, self-disciplined learners.