Typically 24 months to 42 months

Our toddler prepared environments are a place where children are able to act upon their natural energies and curiosity.

Toddler guides are specialists in offering freedom within healthy limits. The children feel comfortable, loved, and safe within their care. Using the guides as their role-models, children begin to demonstrate kindness for one another, grace and courtesy. Guides encourage independence by fostering a toddler's natural desire to do things by themselves and for themselves. The environment is designed with success in mind, child-size furnishings, and materials at eye level and within reach.  Our environments are bright, warm, inviting places filled with plants, animals, music and books. The Montessori materials develop sensory awareness that helps children learn to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell what they experience with deeper appreciation.

Our toddler program is an excellent preparation for the Primary level. The children learn the expectations of the Montessori environment and fine-tune their concentration, coordination, language skills, and ability to work within a community of their peers.

Montessori toddlers are known for their love of learning and peace.